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Friday, July 27, 2007

Gall & Kimbrough Briefs Filed

A host of remarkable briefs have been filed in the two pending sentencing guidelines cases addressing reasonableness review, Gall v. United States and Kimbrough v. United States. I have a number of them, which you can access for your weekend reading pleasure. Merits briefs in Gall and Kimbrough. Two amicus briefs by the Federal Public & Community Defenders and National Association of Federal Defenders, one in Gall and the other in Kimbrough. Plus FAMM was a friend to Gall, while NACDL was a friend to both. The Sentencing Project and the Center for the Study of Race and Law, ACLU and NAACP-LDF joined to support Kimbrough. Washington Legal Foundation and NYCDL supported Gall. Briefing is diverse and well-crafted, covering the very broad spectrum of issues and concerns these two cases bring to the Court.